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Welcome!  Join me for a photographic tour of selected Utah ghost mines and the structures that remain.  In addition, enjoy the web's largest educational "e-Museum" dedicated to exploring and sharing Utah's historic mining past!

Christmas Mine


Easy to use, simple to navigate, fun to explore, and will be packed with images and information.
"e-Museum" collections include:  tools, dynamite boxes, blasting items, assay equipment, assay reports, ore cars, aerial tramway items, bottles, ore specimens, letters, personal writings, poems, maps, drawings, sketches, documents of all kinds. In addition to all that, the largest digital collection of Utah mining, mining related, oil, land, water, banking, railroading, and other company stock certificate images ever published to the web including some of the rarest known. 



Now on the "Home Page" we feature a certificate issued by the General Logan Mining Company; Mines in the Tintic District and offices in Salt lake City. A Territorial issue from 1894, the company was organized two years earlier in 1892. A new certificate to the THRP collection.

 There are now 1809 stock certificates posted to this site!!!!!!!
Regular updates have resumed. More than 20 more certificates, letterhead and check images coming soon! We have the largest and greatest collection of Utah mining & historic documents published
on the web!


is the name of this undertaking.  I share this project here. 30 years of exploring, research, and collecting all brought together in one place.  The goal, to create the most complete, comprehensive digital archive of early hard-rock mining in Utah ever published to the web. I'm just getting started and it will take years to add it all, so check back often to see what's new.
images in the E-MUSEUM!
 Letterhead images from hundreds of companies, mostly Utah, including samples from Mercur, Park City, Salt Lake, Bingham, Tintic & other location. Greeat designs, almost everyone in full color! Thank-you to all who have contributed to the site. More items coming soon! TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT US!
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EMMA MINE DUMP c.1870's - C.R. Savage Photo

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Last Updated: 10/26/2023

 Most recent updates:
 10/26/23 - Added Montreal Silver Mining Company stock certificate image to the UTAH MINING STOCKS-M page.
10/26/23 - Added American Mining and Rare Minerals Company stock certificate image to the UTAH MINING STOCKS-A page.
10/26/23 - Added Big Mitt Gold Mining Company stock certificate image to the UTAH MINING STOCKS-B page.
10/25/23 Added Climax Gold Mining and Milling Company stock certificate image to the UTAH MINING STOCKS-C page. 
10/24/23 - Added Oxford Mining Company stock certificate image to the UTAH MINING STOCKS-O page.
10/24/23 - Added Salt Lake Lithographic Stone and Marble Company stock certificate image on the UTAH MINING STOCKS-S page. 
10/23/23 - Added General Logan Mining Company stock certificate image on UTAH MINING STOCKS-G page and the HOME page! 



 Open call for material!
 Do you have any material on Utah's mining past that you would like to share? Old photographs, documents, stock certificates, assay reports, maps, mining company letterhead, company reports, family stories, artifacts, anything?  If you do, please contact me, Don Winegar, by e-mail at:

   If you are wanting to sell or donate items that you believe are within the scope of this project, please contact me. I will be happy to work with you. If you do not want to part with your material, please consider allowing the use of your material. Your items will never leave your possession. I would just like access to get a good quality scan or digital image and the story that goes with it. Your contributions will be clearly identified as to their origin, and your name will be added to our ever growing "CREDIT" page if you choose to be identified. So go find it, send me an e-mail, and let me do the rest. Come on, share with the rest of the class!
 Sharing is the best way to educate. Education is the best way to know. Knowing is the best way to appreciate. Appreciation is the best way to foster gratitude, and gratitude is a very, very, good thing! So thank-you to everyone who has helped thus far, and thank-you in advance, to those who will yet help this project along.
 It is done for you.  


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